Thursday, July 11, 2013

Live, Laugh, Love - FAITH - a bracelet at the very least.

This is a new bracelet set I made today. The only one actually that escaped the scrap pile.  Not sure what was up (exactly that is, since there are a few obvious ones) but I had an annoying creative block. 
So ... 
Live, Laugh, Love - FAITH - in my opinion, no in my experience I could never do the first 3 without the last. 
Faith for me is the strongest most prevalent state of mind and spirit. It is HOPE and ACTION in one. 
Where would I be if Faith had not held me through some very rough trials? 
I am grateful for her. I am so grateful that I know her! 
Faith gives me unconquerable courage knowing that through my belief in hope I can achieve all things. 
I see faith as a choice to live positively. To choose not to let trials and problems overcome me. Regardless of how long it takes to work through a problem Faith (the belief that things will be OK) carries me through to the end. The end when I realise the potential of my strength and endurance - this in turn strengthens my Faith in ME. 
 Faith brings me true PEACE on so many levels. Faith is my quiet confidence, my solace and some days the only thing that gets me through to the next :) 

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