Monday, May 20, 2013

The Wrinkled MIGHTY!

Found this humorous card while scrolling through my personal facebook feed this AM. Isn't it all too true? All bar the last sentence that is ... The mighty don't fall, we are better than EVER! 

In my experience there is nothing more empowering than being a mother. Nothing else I'd rather do. Nothing else I enjoy more. When I acknowledge my responsibilities I realise just how awesome my potential is! I am the prime example and carer for my children. My children - who are the very future.  Wrinkle creams and fingers up the nose all come with the territory - all things have their bad side don't they ;). 

The mother in this picture looks all so humbled , tired even, reflecting maybe on the heavy load that she has and will have again tomorrow. But she WILL do it all again tomorrow - and that means she's not beat yet! ... because in her tired physical body there is a heart and a spirit that will always deny giving up! A spirit is made strong through conquering trials and a heart humbled by the same means. I salute all mothers I know. I see in all of them a great love and experiences that has not only taught them to love their own children but all others. 

We are the WRINKLED MIGHTY! :) 

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